We are so excited to invite you the Entrepreneur Mastermind

We are passionate about creating experiences for visionary leaders to grow their minds, take aligned actions and achieve success in their life and business. 

This is an exclusive event for Entrepreneurs who thrive on connection, growth and lifting others up in life and business. “Mastermind” describes the creative genius that arises out of a group of people pooling their experiences, insight, and perspective into helping each other to reach the next level in their business.


– Take action: receive insights & feedback on how you can achieve results in your business 

– Make an impact: Use your business to create an impact in the world

– Give Back: offer valuable insights, mentorship and share your knowledge with others who could truly benefit

– Connect deeply: create relationships with aligned people who share similar visions. 

– Be creative: Open your mind to fresh ideas and perspectives

**Due to COVID this event is limited to only 20 people**



Date: Thursday 19th November 2020

Time: 5:30pm to 8:30pm

Location: 110 Roscoe Street 

Price: $45 – GOWORK! Members / $55 – Non-Members 

Food and Drinks: Italo House will be catering for this event and providing beautiful Italian Appetizers, Main Course & 1 drink.



5:30pm – 6:00pm

Opening ceremony lead by your host Taryn J Love

Taryn will be taking you on a journey to gain full presence, release any stress or tension in the body and completely surrender your mind and body to access your own inner wisdom.

6:00pm – 6:45pm

Workshop #1 with Tricha & Lahaina

During tonight’s epic session, we’ll be talking all things branding, social media and why building a cohesive and compelling online presence (for your business or personal brand) is important now more than ever! We´ve developed our signature roadmap; the 6 Cs to powerful branding so you can be the authority in your marketplace. Bring your notebooks because we´ll be sharing some of our top tips, tricks and hacks you´ll be able to implement straight away.


6:45pm – 7:15pm 

Workshop #2 – Stacey Henderson

Simplify and turbocharge your business by learning this epic super hack of marketing! Come and get lazer focused on your avatar so that in the future, your marketing evolves from shouting to everyone, to whispering straight to the person who is going to pay. This will be a hands on, workshop style training. You will walk out with a completed worksheet and a renewed confidence in what you do!

7:15pm – 7:45pm

Group Breakout Session

You will be given the opportunity to break out into groups. In this space, you are invited to talk about any challenges you are currently experiencing or any areas in your business you would like some support on. We will be giving you some questions to discuss in this time and the guest speakers will be providing their insights and support as well to drive the conversations to the desired outcomes.

7:45pm – 10:00pm 

Dinner & Drinks

We will be providing a selection of beautiful italian appetizers & pizzas for this event.



Lahaina is a branding and confidence coach as well as a professional photographer. Lahaina’s mission is to empower soul-driven entrepreneurs to create long lasting mindset transformation and self-confidence by releasing limiting beliefs and fears; as a result, her clients can confidently find their voice, their image and their self-confidence in order to be fully seen and stand out in the marketplace.


Tricha Tippapart is a life and empowerment coach with an extensive background in marketing and writing. She helps female entrepreneurs bust through their comfort zones and master foundational areas of their life so they have the freedom and tools to create an inspired life and more impact in the world. Tricha is also a published author, certified yoga teacher, wellness entrepreneur, shamanic reiki practitioner and an Access Bars facilitator. She brings a wealth of holistic knowledge to ensure her clients achieve new breakthroughs and transformation in their finances, career and business, relationships, contribution to others and their personal and spiritual development.


Stacy’s training will increase your net worth so you can work less and have more impact. With the 12 Week Business Fast Start, you can design, validate, launch and scale your own range of products and services that you can sell online (so you make more money). With Master Your Money, you will learn to save and invest more using the Smart Banking System. (so you keep more of what you earn).





Taryn J Love is a Life Coach & Healer on a mission to facilitate the healing of others and awaken human consciousness on a global scale. Taryn is also a Mental Health Advocate and heart centered speaker.
Taryn has spent years mastering her physical, emotional and mental state as well as working with world leading experts to manifest and activate her wildest dreams. Taryn now develops her own techniques combining, Neuro Linguistic Programming, energy healing, meditation and movement.
Taryn is deeply passionate about creating a safe and sacred space for people to feel seen, heard and witnessed in their true essence.
Through her work she has transformed peoples perception of themselves and as a result witnessed shifts in all areas of their life.